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Ballymena United FC

Founded: 1928 (as Ballymena FC); 1934 (as Ballymena United)
Names: Ballymena FC; Ballymena United FC
Ground History: Ballymena Showgrounds
Main Colours: Sky Blue
Club Website:

Managerial History:
(from 1982)
Alan Campbell
Ivan Murray (Feb '82-Feb '83)
Ian Russell (Apr '83-Nov '83)
Jim Platt (Dec '83-May '84)
Alan Campbell (Jun '84-May '85)
Jimmy Brown (c/s '85-Sep '87)
Alex McKee (Sep '87-Apr '91)
Jim Hagan (May '91-Sep '93)
Tommy Jackson (Oct '93-Oct '94)
Gary Erwin (Oct '94-Feb '95)
Alan Fraser (Feb '95-Apr '99)
Nigel Best (Apr '99-Dec '00)
Kenny Shiels (Jan '01-May '05)
Tommy Wright (May '05-Apr '08)
Roy Walker (May '08-Dec '11)
Glenn Ferguson (Dec '11-date)

League History:
Irish League 1928/29-1994/95, First Division 1995/96-1996/97, Premier Division 1997/98-2000/01, First Division 2001/02-2002/03, Premier League 2003/04-date.

Club Honours:

Irish League Runners-Up (2) 1938/39, 1979/80.
Irish League First Division Champions (1) 1996/97, Runners-Up (2) 1995/96, 2002/03
Irish Cup Winner (6) 1928/29, 1939/40, 1957/58, 1980/81, 1983/84, 1988/89, Runner-Up (9) 1929/30, 1930/31, 1938/39, 1950/51, 1958/59, 1969/70, 1973/74, 1977/78, 2013/14.
City Cup Winner (1) 1971/72
Gold Cup Winner (1) 1974/75
Ulster Cup Winner (2) 1960/61, 1980/81
Co. Antrim Shield Winner (5) 1947/48, 1950/51, 1975/76, 1979/80, 2012/13, Runner-Up (8) 1937/38, 1953/54, 1965/66, 1985/86, 1987/88, 1996/97, 2002/03, 2005/06
Festival of Britain Cup Winner (1) 1951/52
(Intermediate by Ballymena Reserves)
Steel & Sons Cup Winners (1) 1995/96, Runners-Up (2) 1961/62, 1983/84
Louis Moore Cup Winners (1) 1952/53
George Wilson Cup Winner (2) 1989/90, 1990/91

European History:

Ballymena United 1961

Notable Players: (WIP)
Thomas Aiken
W. Anderson
Robert Averell
Chris Baird
Hubert Barr
Hughie Blair
Alan Blayney
Paddy Bonnar
Thomas Brannigan
Bobby Burke
Adam Buckley
Aaron Callaghan
Shea Campbell
Neil Candlish
Joe Cassidy
Norman Clarke
David Cloughley
Alexander Connell
Stevie Cowan
Roy Coyle
William Cubitt
J. Currie
Johnny Dalrymple
Jimmy D'Arcy
Joe Douglas
George Dunlop
Gary Erwin
Billy Ferguson
Darren Fitzgerald
Graham Fox
John Garrett
Jim Hagan
Rory Hamill
Alan Harrison
Frankie Haughton
Ted Hinton
Johnny Houston
Jeff Hughes
Dickie Jorner
Eddie Johnston
Davy Kavanagh
Jimmy Kelly
Peter Kennedy
Norman Kernaghan
Tommy Lowry
Gerard Lyttle
Jackie Mahood
Paul Malone
Davy "Boy" Martin
Samuel McAuley
Billy McAvoy
Justin McBride
Jimmy McCambridge
Billy McCandless
Sean McCann
Tim McCann
David McCartney
Craig McClean
M. McDonnell
E./W. McDowell
Charlie McIlroy
Billy McMillan
Trevor McMullan
Joe McNinch
Samuel McQuiston
Gavin Melaugh
Paul Millar
Joe Miller
Dudley Milligan
Eddie Mitchell
J. Mitten
William Moore
Gerry Morgan
Gerry Mullan
Conal Murtagh
David Neill
Derek Neill
Tony O'Doherty
Robert Olphert
Colin O'Neill
Dessie Orr
Daniel Paterson
Steve Penney
Jim Platt
Kevin Ramsey
Matt Redmond
Eddie Russell
Garth Scates
R. Sclater
Richard Shaw
James Shiels
Gordon Simms
J. Simpson
John Sloan
Tom Sloan
John Eric Smith
Gary Smyth
Michael Smyth
Thomas Smyth
Arthur Stewart
Tommy Stewart
Neil Teggart
Brian Todd
Roy Torrens
Eric Trevorrow
Geoff Twentyman
Blair Vincent
James Wallace
Michael Ward
Albert Watson
James White
Billy Wilson
Nigel Worthington
Tommy Wright

Derek Neill rises to head the ball in 1961


Anonymous said...

Two players not mentioned in "Irish League Footballing Greats" BUFC are Matt Redmond and Frankie Haughton. An oversight?

jcd said...

It is a subjective and fluid list which is open to suggested additions!

At some point I will come back to this and expand when I have more time.

John said...

You do not seem to mention Dan Paterson who seems to have played for this club too.

Daniel Paterson b Cambuslang

Debut – Wednesday February 25th 1925 v St Johnstone (H) Scottish League Division 1
Positions – Outside-Left
Club Honours – Dunedin Cup RU 1926/27, Dewar Shield W 1927/28, RU 1926/27, Stirlingshire Cup W 1925/26, 1926/27, Falkirk Infirmary Shield W 1924/25, 1925/26, 1926/27
Falkirk Leading League Goalscorer 1925/26 [16], 1926/27 [25]
Scottish League Division 1 Matches /Goals [96/48]
Scottish Cup Matches/Goals [11/6]
Minor Cup Matches/Goals [17/7]
Hat-Tricks – 2 [Division 1 [2]]
Known Career – Cambuslang Rangers, King's Park [1921/22-1922/23], Hamilton Academical [1922/23-1923/24], Alloa Athletic [1923/24-1924/25], Bo'ness [1924/25], Falkirk [1924/25-1928/29], Kilmarnock [1928/29-1931-32], Ballymena United [1932/33], Dundee [1933/34], Brechin City [1933/34]

BigTee101 said...

Think your list is great but just thought I'd mention a name or two which I feel certainly deserve adding to your list. Hope you and many others agree. Sammy Frickleton, Geordie Blair, Geoff Blair, Jimmy Young, and Billy 'Bumper' Cathcart and I could go on. Many Thanks.

Unknown said...

I'm looking to find out more information on my grandfather James surgenor, I have 2 photos I'm having problems finding info on.
I hope someone can help me

Unknown said...

Jimmy Brown and Sammy Frickleton not mentioned in 70's. Oversight?